Not all language service providers are the same.
Here’s what we can offer you.

Pictured: Interpreters answering calls in our Houston Interpreter Contact Center.

US Contact Center Operations

Our organization has developed large-scale interpreter contact centers to service your Phone Interpretation calls. Typically, the language services industry relies solely on at-home independent contractors that make their own schedules and cannot lawfully receive training.

  • 1. Our centers employ more interpreters
    than the United Nations

  • 2. We conduct our 120-hour interpreter training
    program in the centers for consistent quality

  • 3. Data privacy and security controls are possible
    with contact center infrastructure

Utilizing over 150,000 sq. ft of contact center floor space, our organization qualifies, trains, schedules, and provides ongoing monitoring and coaching to interpreters. This allows us to oversee confidentiality and privacy laws and provide an optimal environment for sound quality.

Certified Interpreters Interpreter Training

We provide over 120 hours of comprehensive in-class, instructor-led training for interpreters, two to three times the industry average. We are the only major Phone interpretation provider that trains employees directly in onshore contact centers. Other vendors primarily train online, over-the-phone, or not at all.

Connect to an interpreter faster

Save seconds on every call. Our fast speed of connection has been independently verified by Benchmark Portal, a contact center certification company. In addition, we guarantee 99.999% communication system availability to ensure we pick up whenever you call.

Quality Monitoring Program

Full time quality monitoring staff and team supervisors audit interpreter calls at a target frequency of 16 times per month for interpreters with less than 90 days of service, and 12 times a month for all other interpreters. Other major language service providers typically monitor intensely for the first year or not at all.