3 Tips for an Effective Telephonic Interpreting Service RFP

18th May, 2016

  Which steps are you taking to find your next telephonic interpreting service? A well-crafted request for proposal (RFP) saves you time and secures the best service to fit your organization. Follow the tips below to improve your RFP and reduce the number of inadequate proposals you may receive. As you consider these tips, we […]

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8 Paths to Better Phone Interpretation (Part 2)

4th May, 2016

In a recent blog, we outlined several tips to improve your staff’s phone interpretation experience. If your employees are unfamiliar with your multilingual support service, they might hesitate to dial an interpreter when the need arises. The tips below may improve employee adoption of the service and even . 5. Address your customer directly and […]

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8 Paths to Better Phone Interpretation (Part 1)

20th Apr, 2016

  How do you know if your staff uses your multilingual support program effectively? Effective multilingual support may improve employee loyalty and meet the needs of your limited-English customers. A few quick tips may help your staff better use the phone interpretation of your multilingual support service, increasing their confidence and adoption of the service. 1. […]

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Blue Goldfish: Improving Customer Experience by Leveraging Technology, Data and Analytics – Part I

Voiance Language Services, LLC
6th Apr, 2016

by Stan Phelps Author and Forbes contributor Stan Phelps recently partnered with Voiance to host The Blue Goldfish webinar. This is the first post in a two part series discussing lessons from that webinar. Mercedes-Benz USA President and CEO Steve Cannon says it most simply, “Customer experience is the new marketing.” As competition and buyer […]

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The One Need Customers Aren’t Telling You About

Jeff Toister
15th Mar, 2016

Customer service reps are problem solvers. The good ones do it instinctively. A customer contacts them with an issue and the rep quickly jumps into action to fix it. Perhaps they do it too well. In their haste to solve the problem quickly, they frequently miss one of the customer’s needs. Customers often don’t mention […]

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Five Key Principles to Prevent Data Theft

7th Mar, 2016

The average US corporate data breach in 2015 cost $6.5 million and put over 28,000 customer records at risk, according to IBM’s 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study. Data breaches can be dangerous and costly affairs, and yet many companies are unsure how to protect themselves. When you consider the possibility of customer turnover, bad […]

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Three Reasons Multilingual Support Can Boost Your Business

2nd Mar, 2016

Choosing the languages, hiring bilingual agents (along with staff to train and support them), and additional costs – it can all make multilingual support seem daunting. How can you justify investing in multilingual support? Many customer service managers take a look at these challenges and conclude that maybe multilingual support is more trouble than it’s […]

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Overcoming Language Barriers in Employee Communication

Jeff Toister
20th Jan, 2016

Jeff Toister is President of Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. and the author of Service Failure: The Real Reasons Employees Struggle with Customer Service and What You Can Do About It. He’s also authored several customer service training videos on lynda.com including Customer Service Fundamentals and Managing a Customer Service Team. We’re pleased to have Jeff as a Voiance contributor. You can find […]

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Which Country Offers The Best Customer Service?

Jeff Toister
4th Nov, 2015

Jeff Toister is the author of Service Failure: The Real Reasons Employees Struggle with Customer Service and What You Can Do About It. Jeff is a customer service expert with more than 20 years of experience serving customers at the highest level. Today, Jeff is President of Toister Performance Solutions, Inc., a consulting firm that helps companies improve customer service. […]

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