On-Site Interpretation

Obtain face-to-face interpretation in addition to Voiance’s phone and video modalities.
  • Consultative Approach

    Consultative Approach

    Voiance understands the challenges that come with meeting the diverse needs of your Limited English Proficient community. Providing quality language services while containing cost sometimes requires a combination of modalities, including phone, video, and on-site interpretation.

    Voiance's consultants can help you efficiently plan and budget for on-site interpretation. Our staff works with your facility to analyze and determine language needs, appointment type, and frequency of use. Once your specific on-site needs are identified, we can create a comprehensive solution that meets yours needs.

  • Voiance Advantages

    The benefits of our on-site interpretation service allow you to:

    • Easily schedule or request an on-site interpreter, 24/7.
    • Schedule, dispatch, and track all interpretation needs through Voiance.
    • Contractually guarantee your service levels.
    • Standardize reporting and billing.
    • Stay informed of new and important industry information.
  • Language Assessments and Testing

    Language Assessments and Testing

    Voiance Language Proficiency Assessment

    Voiance offers a Language Proficiency Assessment to provide a baseline measurement and quantitative feedback of a candidate’s bilingual skill set.

  • What does the assessment measure?

    Voiance’s standardized Language Proficiency Assessment measures the ability of individuals to communicate effectively in their specific languages and follow the standards established by the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR).

    Measurable competencies include:

    • Listening Comprehension.
    • Use of Vocabulary.
    • Command of Grammar.
  • Who should take the Language Proficiency Assessment?

    Human Resource Departments in various industries use our assessment to test the language competency of their current staff and to aid in making hiring decisions.

    Our Language Proficiency Assessment is appropriate for positions such as:

    • Interpreters.
    • Healthcare Professionals & Technicians.
    • Current and Prospective Employees.
    • Customer Service Representatives.
    • Call Center Personnel.