Take control of your information security and vendor management.

Contact center infrastructure enables management and oversight of security and confidentiality protocols, ensuring compliance with increasingly rigorous consumer privacy laws.


  • Our onshore US contact centers utilize:

    • Security cameras.
    • Secured access to facility.
    • Supervised adherence to HIPAA.
    • Destruction of secure documents.

  • Network and Information Security Practices

    The Company's multi-million dollar data center and communication platform focuses on business continuity and system redundancy, including highly resilient fail-over processes. We utilize high-end antivirus, intrusion detection, and endpoint protection software.

Interpreter Confidentiality

Voiance requires interpreters taking your calls to understand and adhere to Federal laws and regulations surrounding confidentiality and personal information. Confidentiality applies equally, without exception, to all information obtained from all Voiance clients and remains in effect without time limit, regardless of the employee’s employment or contract status with Voiance Language Services, LLC.