• Do you know where your interpreters are located?

    Calls to Voiance are answered in the most extensive network of large-scale interpreter contact centers: all PCI-compliant and located in the continental US. Most other providers primarily use at-home or offshore interpreters who make their own schedule. We schedule employee interpreters to meet demand and maintain fast connections. Connect to a phone or video interpreter in seconds.

  • Infrastructure

    Our data center and communication platform focuses on business continuity and system redundancy. We guarantee 99.999% system availability. Our fault-tolerant telephone and networking systems are tested monthly and have not experienced any downtime since the implementation of this architecture. Our system has no single point of failure. Here are some specifics:

    • Redundant server, power, and data systems
    • Direct call overflow between data centers
    • Business continuity plan

  • Call Reliability

    Our US Contact Centers provide a controlled call environment for improved sound quality with high bandwidth connections and quality video cameras. All calls run through reliable US telecom infrastructure, ensuring quality sound and connectivity.